It gives Barbequers...
       Great tasting food                                 
       An easy way to entertain 
       Pleasant outdoor family activity 
       Change of pace 
       Inexpensive way to cook 
       Little after meal cleanup 
       Informal and relaxed activity                            ...Great Taste!!!



Barbequing with Humphrey Charcoal
Continues to Grow in Popularity!

Interesting facts about barbecuing...

          3 out of 4, or 75%, of US households own a barbecue grill.

          About 2 out of 5, or 41%, grill owners own more than one barbecue grill; the typical grill owner has 1.4 grills.

          Although men are more likely than women to be the household member who barbecues, women are more apt to decide when and what foods to be barbecued.

           50% of grill owners own a charcoal grill.

          57% of grills are used all year round.

          The most popular woods used to enhance the smoke flavor: mesquite, hickory, oak, fruit wood, and alder.

        Food tongs and long handled forks are the most often used barbecue utensils.

        The most popular side dishes prepared on the grill are roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, and marinated vegetables.

        Aluminum wrap is the most common utensil used in the preparation of side dishes, followed by skewers

        *`All figures are based on data submitted by reporting companies and BIA estimates

Burgers, Steak, 
Hot Dogs, Chicken, and Potatoes are the most frequently  barbecued foods.

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